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912 - 201 - 1940

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#1 HTC Repair Shop in Savannah, GA

HTC Repair Savannah GA , HTC Screen Replacement

xFixit is your one-stop shop for the highest quality most affordable replacement LCD's and parts for all HTC models in every color for every carrier.

 If your experiencing touch or picture quality issues our expert staff will diagnose and have you back to factory condition in no time!  When your phone won't charge or your battery drains quickly we stock quality replacement parts to have you up and running again!  We also provide same day affordable service for all other issues such as sound quality, microphones, loudspeakers, cameras, flash, sim cards and trays, vibration motors, and poor signal quality!

Please call us at 912-201-1940 or come see us today at 7068 Hodgson Memorial Dr. in Savannah, GA for current pricing details and answers to all your HTC repair questions.