macbook repair  

Macbook AIR , Macbook Pro


iMac Repair Orange county , Irvine, CA

LCD/Top Assembly Repair starting at $200

Battery Replacement starting at $150

Charge port/Other Port Repair starting at $100

Keyboard Repair starting at $150

Call with a model number for more in depth pricing (714)941-9220

xFixit's Apple Service includes expertly trained, certified Apple technicians that have access to an extensive inventory of genuine, high quality, OEM hardware coupled with a trusted group of licensed overseas vendors and access to Apple's extensive online database of repair manuals, updates and specialized tools.  We pride ourselves on fast, affordable, guaranteed service that is unmatched by our competitors.  Our technicians use time tested painstaking diagnostic processes that ensure quality service and repair.  We offer upgrades and repairs on all Apple hardware including RAM, SATA Hard Disks, SSD Drives, LCDs, Cooling Fans, Batteries, Heat-Sinks and a custom logic board Re-flow Service.  We also offer trusted software solutions including but not limited to data recovery, data back-ups, OS re-installation, software upgrades and custom software solution for all year and model Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini and iMac. Walk-ins welcome and no appointment needed.

 Same day service on general repairs and diagnostics!  
Call us at (714)941-9220 if you live in Orange county , Irvine, CA  speak with one of our expert technicians about your repair options.
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