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Soldering Repair Savannah, GA

Soldering and Microsoldering Repairs

xFixit’s soldering and micro-soldering service can bring all electronics back from the dead quickly at affordable prices compared to replacement costs.  

Free diagnostics!  Repairs start at $39

  Our expert technicians coupled with high tech modern equipment can repair connectors, instrument panels, circuit boards, wiring harnesses, fuses panels, LED boards, PCB’s, logic boards and more!  If it seems too small to even think about doing a repair, we put it under our microscope and carefully and surgically bring your electronics back to life.  We’ve saved our clients thousands of dollars and revived hundreds of devices thought to be beyond repair.

Smd Soldering

  If your device just won’t turn on, isn’t functioning correctly, or has intermittent functionality
call us on (949) 535-4666
in Savannah, GA for a free diagnostic, or give us a call at (949) 535-4666 for advice on how our expert technicians can have your device up and running again today.

soldering for Smd parts