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21. iPhone 11
(iPhone 11)
... benchmarks.In reality that just translates to a solid experience when flipping in and out of apps - although we did note that the speed in firing up the camerawas a little slow, and processing pictures ...
Created on 27 October 2019
22. iPhone XS MAX
(iPhone XS Max)
...      Examine this photo in a bar we shot on the iPhone XS, Pixel 2 XL and Galaxy Note 9. The Note 9's shot is the most vibrant, but the iPhone X delivers stunning detail when you zoom in, allowing ...
Created on 23 September 2019
23. iPhone X
(iPhone X)
iPhone X Repair Orange County Irvine CA  iPhone X Screen Repair THE BEST  iPhone X Repair in Orange CA  Fixit Solutions Inc.   Tustin Orange City North Tustin California Mobile Service:(714)941-9220 ...
Created on 19 April 2018
24. iPhone 8 plus
(iPhone 8Plus)
iPhone 8 Plus Repair Orange County Tustin Orange Irvine CA  iPhone 8 Plus Screen Repair Orange CA THE BEST Mobile iPhone 8 Plus Repair in Orange CA  Fixit Solutions Inc. Orange city Tustin Irvine ...
Created on 22 January 2017
25. iPhone 6 Plus
(iPhone 6 Plus)
... it around almost like you’d carry a Moleskine notebook tucked into the curve of my fingers. After a while you begin to realize that Apple had no choice but to move the sleep / wake button to the side of ...
Created on 22 April 2016
26. Water Damage
(Water Damage)
... changed color they have come in contact with some form of liquid and your phone may need a chemical bath to prevent corrosion and functionality issues. iPhone   Note 5/S7/S7 Edge/S6/S6 Edge   ...
Created on 19 April 2016
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