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iPhone Repair Savannah 

Fast, efficient, expert iPhone  repair on all models ,in Savannah.

Do you have an iPhone ™ 3GS , iPhone ™ 4 , iPhone ™ 4s, iPhone 5 ™, iPhone 5C ™, iPhone 5S ™ , iPhone 6 ™ ,  iPhone 6 Plus ™, Phone 6S ™ or a Phone SE ™ with a broken screen and/or cracked digitizer (glass) ?

xFixit can help you! We can replace your damaged screen or glass same day, usually in one hour or less!

 We have the tools and expertise to repair your iPhone ™ locally, right here in Savannah!
If the back glass / battery cover is broken, we can replace it at the same time for only $25 more! Come in or call us today!


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